Sybarite Pig

I wound up meeting my Broker, Todd Kevitch, and my Associate, another Luxury One Realty, LLC. agent, at the “Sybarite Pig” last night for a late night drink and much needed snack. WOW – who knew something like this existed in West Boca? This place is the best kept secret that needs to become well-known! The Beers are outrageous. The names of some of the beers are so unbelievable and rare that I was not going to order my standard Michelob Ultra Light in this establishment. The food was delicious – there are various options from Chicken Sausage to Pork Sausage, over cabbage salad and with numerous sides to choose from. I happen to order the Pork (spicy) Sausage with Mac and Cheese – WOW – so delicious and not expensive. When I arrived, it was close to 11:00pm. I thought the place was closed but knew it couldn’t be if I was meeting my people there. It was dark with so much character and charm. I felt as if I was in Boston or a Northeastern bar with IPA’s made in the local brewery. I will frequent the Sybarite Pig again and often. I will tell anyone who is a beer or sausage lover to visit as well. Their location is just across the street from our office, Luxury One Realty, is located on Glades Road and Us Hwy 441 on the Northwest corner and the Sybarite Pig is on the Northeast corner next to the Sprint store. The Sybarite Pig is surely a place to check out. ENJOY!